MAX Crew for iPad Mini delivers a true “paperless” cabin and provides rich passenger information, all cabin crew manuals and forms, crew rosters and can be used as your onboard “point of sale” solution for any retail or duty free sales.

MAX Crew does away with the legacy paper passenger manifest and replaces it with rich interactive passenger and flight information via user-friendly app that allows your crew to improve on-board processes and deliver an improved in-flight experience to your passengers.

MAX Crew can be used as your in-flight POS solution and allows your crew to associate in-flight purchases to the individual passenger. This purchase history can then be used to personalize future offers to your passengers.

MAX Crew integrates seamlessly with many systems to deliver a single application for all of your cabin crew’s operational needs:

  • Reservations or DCS, for passenger check in information
  • Flight operations, for real time flight and schedule information
  • Crewing, for cabin crew rosters and duty
  • Payment processing, for processing of offline payments when connected on the ground
  • Catering, for updates to all on board transactions
  • Document Management System, for all cabin crew manuals, reports and forms

MAX Crew, the true paperless cabin that will deliver benefits from day one.

MAX Crew delivers a functionally rich mobile application that improves the productivity and allows your crew to deliver improved in-flight service. Other benefits include:

  • Real time communication to all crew
  • Removal all paper driven manuals, reports and forms
  • Improve onboard passenger experience with access to richer passenger information
  • Can be used as the onboard Point of Sale solution
    Associate any in-flight transaction to the passenger for future personalised offers

MAX Crew offers and extensive list of capabilities:

  • Real time passenger and flight information
  • Real time communication with all crew
  • Rich passenger information available in multiple view options
  • All crew manuals, forms and check lists
  • Third party new feeds
  • On-board Point of Sale
  • Offline support
  • Manage cabin crew flight training

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