To further compliment MAX Airport, MAX Airport for Desktop provides a user-friendly web application for desktop use in a centralised disruption management environment.

MAX Airport for iPad, and MAX Desktop offers an airline complete flexibility in managing any disruption requirement from any location.

MAX Airport for Desktop provides a powerful web application that operates from any web browser.

MAX Airport for Desktop is a complete disruption management application that is also tightly integrated with the OTP Dashboard, allowing airlines to significantly improve your disruption management processes.

MAX Airport for Desktop provides an extensive list of functions including:

  • Real time alerts detecting delays, cancellations, and misconnect passengers
  • Recommended recovery solutions to each disruption issue including costs for each alternative solution
  • Irregular operations
  • Adhoc flights
  • Inventory management
  • Notifications engine to generate messages to passengers for flight information, gate changes and new flight details when disrupted
  • FIM and Hotel Management
  • Voucher management
  • Integration with partner airlines and hotel aggregators
  • and much more

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