Traditionally the ramp operation had limited communication via two-way radio only. But now MAX Ramp provides real time flight information plus check in and boarding activity to streamline communication and productivity across your ground operation.

MAX Ramp is designed for iPad Mini and iPhone delivering flexibility to your workforce. MAX Ramp will improve communication between check in and ramp, provide real time information on all aircraft movements, remove several manual paper driven processes and offer integration with several day of ops systems such as DCS and weight and balance.

Positive Bag Matching

Many airlines manually reconcile checked baggage via the manual “bingo card” system that by its nature is inaccurate. MAX Ramp removes the manual processes and delivers a real time positive bag matching solution.

planedotScan every bag for real time positive bag matching without the need for BSM

planedotActual baggage weights for every compartment or container delivering improved trim sheets and reduced fuel burn

MAX Ramp delivers immediate benefits:

  • Intelligent, user-friendly with simple intuitive workflow that requires limited training
  • Improve communication and reduce two-way radio traffic
  • Improve on time performance with real time flight information and integration to your airline’s DCS, weight and balance and other third party systems

MAX Ramp will improve your ramp productivity and streamline your ramp operation by offering:

  • Real time flight information
  • Assign flights to specific ramp resource
  • Alerts sent to MAX Ramp for any change or issue impacting flights
  • Send and receive load instruction (LIR)
  • Integrates with any weight and balance system
  • Real time baggage information for fail to board passengers
  • Improved disruption baggage management

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