Informed and connected crew are smarter Crew!

MAX Crew digitizes all cabin operations processes, from ancillary sales to administrative tasks, with one easy-to-use, fully-integrated mobile application, providing the real-time data and tools your crew needs to serve passengers more efficiently.

…all combined with a full retail and duty-free point of sale (POS) solution that encourages ancillary purchases.

Our customers process more than $130M USD per year in in-flight revenue

Higher ancillary revenue

Our data-rich upselling capabilities and intelligent retail POS solution enable personalized offers that drive ancillary revenue.

Improved communication

More effective and immediate communication with other airline teams enables better passenger service, while positively impacting OTP and crew efficiency

Improve Cabin Crew Productivity

Cabin crew are equipped with the reaDigitizing your cabin improves the efficiency of the cabin, improves cabin crew productivity and work satisfaction

Increased inflight efficiency

New digital processes replace time-consuming paper-based and manual tasks, while accurate flight and plane data helps crew to work more efficiently.

Offer a better service

Passenger-level data that drives personalization and guest recognition enables crew members to offer passengers more options to improve their inflight experience.

MAX Recovery Suite

Streamline every disruption event, reduce costs and boost customer satisfaction with an powerful disruption management solution

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MAX Airport

Break away from the counter and mobilise your staff with our feature-rich mobile DCS

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MAX Ramp

Improve turnaround efficiency and digitize your ramp operation with a mobile baggage scanning plus provide the real time flight and operational information your ramp needs.

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Every aplication has acces to our powerful inteligence that delivers real time data across your entire operation.

Smarter decisions with powerful operation inteligence.

Ready for a paperless cabin?

Increase inflight efficiency and boost ancillary revenue with MAX Crew