Real time information and digital bag scanning, makes your operations smarter, and work faster!

The ramp is the information blind spot of every airline. MAX Ramp transforms and simplifies your ramp operation by providing your team with the necessary real-time information they need directly to the tarmac supports digital baggage scanning, and seamlessly integrates with weight and balance systems.  

MAX Ramp lets you:

  • Be more efficient at baggage scanning and tracking
  • Save time through digital processes
  • Access real-time operational information from the OTP dashboard
  • Access mobile, real-time data from the tarmac
  • Integrate seamlessly with other systems such as Weight and Balance
Real-time operational information makes your ramp operation and every turnaround more efficient.

Using MAX Ramp allows your staff to effectively manage their entire operation, communicate with the rest of the airline team, and make the quick decisions necessary to improve every turnaround.

Improve and maintain your OTP

With real-time data at their fingertips, ramp personnel can react quickly to turnaround issues on a specific flight. They can identify and improve critical processes that have a significant impact on overall OTP. 

Increase your staff's productivity

Better communication within the ramp operations team and with other airline groups enables ramp staff to get their work done more efficiently.

Process bags easier

The high volume-scanning device allows for scanning bags at multiple touchpoints, enabling better bag tracking and reconciliation, and improving compliance with IATA 753 regulations. 

Streamline your processes

You can eliminate the manual processes that slow down ramp operations with a digital approach to ramp operations

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Every aplication has acces to our powerful inteligence that delivers real time data across your entire operation.

Smarter decisions with powerful operation inteligence.

Ramp up your airline operations today!

Digitize your ramp operations with MAX Ramp.