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Are You Ready for a Year of Recovery?

We have all made it through 2020. 2021 is the year of recovery. Are you ready and prepared …

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The world wants to avoid each other right now, but as humans we have the innate need to …

June 29, 2020


Forward Together

The start of 2020 feels like being slapped suddenly in the face without warning, and only now are …

June 1, 2020


Who is Levarti?

CEO and co-founder, Anthony Murray, share the story of why Levarti was started in 2014. In this video, …

May 28, 2020


Our biggest challenge is also our best oportunity

As the airline industry starts to stretch its legs, arms, and neck, preparing to start the slow jog …

May 21, 2020


How Airlines use Social Media to reduce the impact of travel disruptions

Our CEO, Anthony Murray, spoke with Simple Flying about the role of social media during travel disruptions and …

March 11, 2020