The world wants to avoid each other right now, but as humans we have the innate need to meet, socialise, engage and to travel.  Opposing forces pulling us in opposite directions.

There are a myriad of new ideas, rules and guidelines, limitations, quarantine, all attempting to manage the industry restarting safely again. Common across all recommendations is to apply social distancing to minimize Covid-19’s impact through all aspects of the journey.  However in reality airlines can only promote true social distancing while passengers are on the ground, as social distancing in the cabin is not physically possible or commercially viable.

Airlines are actively promoting HEPA filters in the cabin, and rigorous new cleaning protocols for the aircraft in an attempt to reduce passenger concerns. What I will focus on today is how a contactless operation delivers a safe and effective passenger experience.

While it may take a many months to return to the heady days of mass disruptions due weather, volcanic ash, congested airspace etc. disruptions are amongst the key reasons for manual processes, queues and passengers in close proximity in an airport, alongside ticket counters, check-in and boarding. Flight disruptions typically creates queues of passengers jockeying for the ideal position to get the best alternative flight option.  In many cases, the best rebooking option goes to the passenger who is in the front of the queue. Although all passengers in this queue deserve good service a random airport queue does not efficiently improve the service of the high-value passengers of the airline. New COVID guidelines now mean a large number of airport facilities will struggle to support the necessary social distances when needing to work with an agent. More importantly, in 2020, this process should no longer exist.

Levarti customers have completely transformed how they manage any disruption event with the intelligence of our MAX software efficiently managing the end to end process including all passenger communication.


Meet the MAX Recovery Suite, the solution to streamlined and contactless passenger disruption management.  MAX utilizes data from multiple integration sources to monitor your operation then applies intelligence, combined with your business rules, to drive automation, and improve decision making before communicating with passengers. A key strategy from the Levarti is our Passenger Self-Service Disruption Portalallowing passengers to make their own decisions during any disruption event within your policies and rules. This not only delivers better service to your passengers but also reduces costs. With the MAX Self Service Portal in place, your agents are free service any booking exceptions or assist special assistance passengers and support improved social distancing.


The intelligence of the MAX Recovery Suite removes fragmented disruption processes of the past and streamlines the end to end process:

    • Detects: any impact to a passenger’s booking or the overall On-Time Performance (OTP) of the flight is automatically detected by MAX using data from multiple integration points.
    • Decides: MAX improves decision making and can either fully automate the recovery solution to the disruption event or generate an alert to MAX Dashboard for a user to review the recommendations.
    • Prioritize: MAX automatically ranks passengers of highest to lowest value, as determined by you using 25+ passenger and booking data elements, to ensure your high priority passengers receive optimal serve or differentiated entitlements.
    • Rebook: automatically by MAX or via a user, passengers can be rebooked to other flights, reserve hotels, process refunds, create vouchers and more.
    • Communicate: Accurate information is key to improving the passenger experience during any disruption event. MAX communicates in the passengers’ preferred language with relevant information to the status of their booking or flight.
    • Self Service: No matter what MAX or the airline agent decides for the passenger, the passenger can view and modify their booking based on your airline’s disruption policy rules


Our MAX Recovery Suite delivers a near 100% contactless disruption service for both passengers and staff whilst still improving the overall disruption experience. The intelligence of the MAX Software means within minutes of a detecting a disruption event, passengers can be rebooked, confirmed in hotels and communication sent to the passenger outlining their new itinerary and options accept or change via the self-service portal

The MAX suite extends further across your airport and inflight operation with three iOS B2B mobile apps to improve all check-in, booking, boarding processes, create true digital cabin for enhanced inflight service, improve communication and completely change how your staff interacts with your passengers.

Covering every touchpoint throughout the passenger’s journey MAX Airport, MAX Crew and MAX Ramp mobilize your workforce, creates a fully digital operation and removes any dependencies on any fixed systems or infrastructure.

Even before COVID, our MAX mobility suite supports a near 100% contactless passenger experience from the time the passenger enters the airport, until they arrive at their destination:


  • MAX Airport
    • Check-in with Digital boarding passes
    • Contactless payments
    • Email receipts
    • Contactless rebooking & flight updates
    • Contactless boarding
    • Digital handoff to Cabin Crew at Flight Close
  • MAX Crew (In-Flight)
    • Digital menus
    • Contactless payments
    • Food and beverage pre-order
    • Email receipts
    • Digital Manuals, Checklists and Reporting
  • MAX Ramp
    • Digital baggage reconciliation (BRS)
    • Digital Ramp operations that create paperless flight departure
    • Integration with Weight and Balance systems for digital load sheet


In a new COVID world, where distancing is the New Normal, Levarti’s MAX Software suite delivers the necessary flexibility to maintain efficient operations, improve passenger service, create a near 100% digital contactless operation and improve safety for both passengers and staff.

Stay tuned for our next blog on how mobility in the airport is a new opportunity for improved operations and revenue growth.



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