Forward Together

The start of 2020 feels like being slapped suddenly in the face without warning, and only now are we just starting to shake it off and realize what just happened.

In a matter of weeks, everything stopped abruptly. Let’s take a minute to reflect on that. In what scenario did anyone prepare for a near cessation of aviation and travel? Yes, we knew a part of the travel industry could shut down. Does the world already have protocols for volcanos, tsunamis, terrorist attacks, but everything stopping at the same time? No one saw that coming!

Like every other industry, we are forced to adapt, evolve, and move forward. It’s the only thing we as a human race can do.

In no other scenario, did we ever have to evaluate, check, and review every point of the industry and every facet of your operation. There are too many things to consider, and each airline’s survival depends on being ready to move fast, adapt, and rise to the challenge.  Some of the upcoming changes will be both government and industry imposed, and there could be many gray areas between countries. Comply, or you may not be able to operate. Many airlines will be left behind. Scary right?

Yes. But let’s look at the coming transformation from a different point of view.

Every airline has the opportunity to spring clean and reevaluate their operation from start to finish. Wait, let’s say it one more time. Every airline has the opportunity to spring clean their entire operation from start to finish, review every touchpoint, challenge processes, review inefficient systems, and see how they can be improved or in many cases removed.

Modifying or bolting on yet another band-aid on outdated technology doesn’t cut it anymore. Time to optimize and create a smarter more efficient operation that meets your operational needs. Break free from fixed infrastructure, improve productivity and go mobile, lose the paper trail, and go fully digital.

Going digital and mobile is exciting! We’ve always thought so. Our vision, when we started Levarti, was all about transforming the airline operation so the passenger experience and the staff productivity and engagement reach new levels. We created the technology that will reshape your airline and make it the best it could be.

For us, it is about enabling you to be Fast, Flexible, and Mobile; having all the data available to make the best decisions. Communicate effectively with passengers and elevate the overall experience from start to finish. All made possible within a suite of applications that are easy to implement and can adapt to any need. Meet MAX, That’s what he does.

So if 2020 started off with a kick in the pants, it’s time for a fresh restart.  Start fresh by removing legacy processes and systems that add little to no value. Then looking at how the operation can be improved with  faster, smarter, more flexible technology

  • · What happens when fixed infrastructure, like check-in counters, cannot support the required social distancing needs.
  • · What if you could reduce the airport footprint and devise a new method of processing passengers to their flight.
  • · What if you could provide a near 100% contactless operation to improve passenger and staff safety.


·  Digital boarding passes and receipts

·  Contactless payments

·  Contactless boarding

·  Digital handoff from Airport Staff to Cabin Crew


We believe it will involve smart mobile technology to deliver the necessary information and systems from any location. Mobile will deliver real flexibility, cost improvements, and many customer service benefits.

What happens after the bags are checked, and the passenger fails a subsequent health check, how long will it take to offload their bags?  With MAX, checked bags can be quickly located and offloaded.

What if requirements for travel change either by the airline or government, airlines need the ability to rapidly communicate information to passengers. MAX delivers a smart notification engine to ensure your passengers are up to date with all new travel requirements and self-service disruption portal where passengers can self manage any booking change.

Your most significant step forward to the New Normal is right in front of you.

Let’s talk and move forward together.





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