Our biggest challenge is also our best oportunity

As the airline industry starts to stretch its legs, arms, and neck, preparing to start the slow jog back to running their operations, it faces the reality that things look very different from when everything came to a complete halt.

This reality has a set of entirely new rules, and to even consider taking the first steps, it must understand that the “new normal” for the airline industry requires changes in the way they operate and manage the whole travel journey.

On top of all the usual challenges, new and changing regulations will determine if an airline is permitted to operate or not. The severity of the situation leaves no room for middle ground. Compliance will be strict. And given the fact that we are navigating uncertain circumstances, there is a high chance that there will be unforeseen changes, the result: comply, or be grounded.  How much time would it take to implement the required modifications to support an unexpected turn of events? Can an airline afford to waste time applying it?

Survival will depend on the ability of the airline industry to adapt and become fast, flexible, and mobile.

This task is not without its challenges; heavy reliance on legacy technology is one of the biggest obstacles in the way. Fixed infrastructures, manual procedures, and poor communication between every touchpoint slow operations down and is just not sustainable in this new reality.

It might seem like a huge challenge, but as it turns out, we have never been better prepared to face it. The road to digitalization has never been so simple, or so needed.

Levarti was born from this idea. We set out to create smart technology to digitally transform the industry and make the whole airline operation smarter, faster, more flexible, and truly mobile.

We developed MAX a purpose-built platform, a powerful platform that integrates seamlessly to virtually any third party system including your core PSS and DCS. With the suite of native iOS MAX mobile apps for Airport, Ramp, and Crew combined with a Disruption Management toolkit to streamline operations MAX delivers the true single view of your operation from every passenger touchpoint.


Max Airport the power of mobility:

How can you transform your operation when you are no longer bound to a fixed infrastructure? What are the possibilities?

It is no secret that flexibility in the airport environment is key to improved operations and even more so in this new reality.  MAX Airport, our mobile DCS, gives your agents the power to operate safely, complying with any new regulation from any point in the passenger’s journey.  MAX creates a full digital and contactless operation for domestic or international check-in, boarding, ancillary sales and payments, passport and visa checks and even mobile boarding passes in airport. MAX Airport can even manage seat assignment requirements to support required social distancing on all flights


Now Less is better:

MAX Airport lets you deliver a near 100% paperless operation. The less contact, the better, this means digital handoffs to Cabin Crew and Ramp agents, and the flexibility to capture other documents or data such as Health Certificates, passenger temperature, or other newly required documentation from any location, giving you the necessary tools to be ready to operate.

Precise and reliable information is now more relevant than ever to the passenger experience. This new reality can be scary, and keeping your passenger well informed on every topic, from health requirements to new boarding procedures, in a fast and reliable way, will give you an advantage.  Our MAX Notify notification engine efficiently allows airlines to communicate to passengers quickly and effectively with options like custom notifications generated on-demand and in record time. That, to us, is smart thinking.


The Advantage of digital

Digital has never been so relevant to the industry. Less paper, less contact, less risk.

Designed for your cabin Crew, MAX Crew delivers improved productivity by creating a 100% digital cabin with access to real-time passenger information, all reporting, check and training requirements, all inflight menus and any manuals and checklists.

Real-time flight and operational data is shared from MAX Airport and seamlessly pushed to MAX Crew at all times before flight departure. On arrival MAX Crew then completes a full digital hand off to the arrival airport and also updates multiple systems.

Complete with a fully integrated point of sale that supports contactless payments and email receipts, the in-flight service can be cashless as well as provide fulfillment details for pre-ordered items.

A digital cabin also delivers improved communication to your crew with real-time updates to the operation.


Intelligence makes smarter decisions

Under the New Normal, flight operations will continue to be disrupted requiring changes to the passenger’s journey. Communicating changes to passengers is key to improved service plus the ability to self-service any disruption event including rebooking of flights, processing refunds and when required reserving hotels or booking on other airlines.

The MAX Recovery Suite is an intelligent disruption management toolkit that includes Notification engine, Self Service Disruption Portal and OTP Dashboard that allows your agents to manage every component of any disruption event, faster and smarter.


One Platform, One View

Levarti’s MAX Platform offers a full digital mobile platform that efficiently supports your staff across every touch point of the airport and inflight operation. This single platform delivers the flexibility you need to streamline the end to end operation and to  ensure both passenger and staff safety during this unprecedented operational period caused by COVID-19.


Author: Anthony Murray
May 20, 2020







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