Powerful intelligence at your service.
  One system many solutions. 

Our MAX platform is the brains that powers our four core applications, connecting and covering every aspect of your airline's airport and inflight operations. Helping provide a seamless travel experience for your passengers and operational improvements for you. A mix of mobile and desktop apps that truly mobilize your workforce.

Integrating seamlessly with all core airline systems, MAX delivers real-time data so you can:

  • • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • • Improve your On-time performance
  • • Boost ancillary revenue
  • • Delivery enhanced customer service

With incredible flexiblility, you can easily configure the platform and choose exactly what your airline needs.

Powerful intelligence at your service


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Max Airport

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Max Crew

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Max Ramp

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Find out how you can grow revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and increase operational efficency with one solution.