Our Story

We’re a passionate team with 30+ years of experience in the airline industry, with expertise in every facet of airport and in-flight operations, aviation consulting, and most importantly the creation of smart software and products. We know the industry inside out, what works, and what’s missing.

We think there’s nothing more thrilling than building products that changes the industry for the better? Don't you think so!

Whether it's transforming your airport operations with our mobile apps, empowering your crew with relevant information about your passengers or optimizing any disruption event with real time data for smarter decisions, It will always be exciting to develop solutions and services that we know are relevant to you, your airline and the industry.

We are genuinely committed to helping our clients by giving them the right tools that improve their operations and empower their employees.

We can't wait to be able to work with you.

This is us!

Young, not so young, tall and short, one thing unites us, we love what we do!

Anthony Murray
CEO & Cofounder
25+ years in Airline Operations & Systems for Virgin Blue & Navitaire
John Morrison
CIO & Cofounder
20+ years in IT & Airline Systems for Virgin Blue & Techjam
John Dabkowski
Business Strategy Advisor
20+ years in Airline IT Former CEO of Navitaire & Executive Mgmt with Sabre, Amadeus
Dean Nottingham
Business Analyst
Joe Barrowcliffe
Senior Web Developer
Aaron McCarthy
Senior Platform Developer
Lilia Crowley
Account Manager
Peter Mak
Platform Developer
Darryl Hayman
Team Lead Platform Developer
Grainne Herraghty
Head of Delivery
Sunil Kumar
IOS Developer
Charlie Male
Kate Turton
Account Manager
Zane Grant
Senior IOS Dvelopment
Melanie Pitman
QA Analyst
John Edmondson
Head of Sales
Catherine Smith
Financial Controller
Anthony Smith
System Administrator
Mark Scodeller
Implementation Specialist
Charlie Male
Project Manager
Veronica Dunwell
Business Analyst/Account Manager
Kate Turton
Business Analyst/Account Manager

Are you passionate about changing the airline industry? Interested in joining our expert team?

Give us a shout, we would love to hear from you.