A Mobile operation is a smarter operation

MAX Airport is our feature-rich mobile DCS app that allows you to transform your airport and how your staff interacts with your passengers from any location.

Power smarter operations from one mobile app:

  • Quick check in
  • Streamline boarding
  • Grow ancillary revenue
  • Quick Payments
  • Change Flights¬†and Re-book Passengers
  • Digital boarding passes
  • Mobile bag tags
How smart is Max Airport?

Our customers generate more than $12M USD per year in Airport Ancillary Revenue and have seen their customer satisfaction scores improve due to the complete change in how their staff interact with passengers.

Increase your ancillary revenue 

Capture untapped revenue opportunities, such as seat upgrades and baggage fees, plus other ancillary products and services while passengers wait for their flight.

Take your customer service to the next level.

Improve customer service with fully-digitized operations and the flexibility to quickly respond to passenger needs, with less red tape.

Improve your OTP

Our rules engine actively monitors the entire flight. With real-time operational data, your entire team has the information they need to speed up critical tasks in aircraft turnaround, and process passengers more quickly.

Reduce your airport footprint

Mobile DCS and real-time integration with core airline system data reduces reliance on fixed infrastructure, enabling agents to support passenger needs from any location in the airport.

MAX Crew

Create the paperless cabin, improve cabin crew productivity and service and increase in-flight retail transactions with our integrated POS

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MAX Recovery suite

Streamline every disruption event, reduce costs and boost customer satisfaction with an powerful disruption management solution

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MAX Ramp

Improve turnaround efficiency and digitize your ramp operation with a mobile baggage scanning plus provide the real time flight and operational information your ramp needs.

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Every aplication has acces to our powerful inteligence that delivers real time data across your entire operation.

Smarter decisions with powerful operation inteligence.

Optimize your airport and transform how your staff interact with passengers, and improve their experience.