There is nothing smarter than being prepared.
It's just Smart.

MAX VISION SUITE means you’re always prepared. MAX detects and optimizes every disruption event then manages the situation from end to end, delivering relevant information, offering smart recovery options while always considering cost.
In a some disruption scenarios, things can get messy. Rushes, quick decisions, and vast amounts of chaotic events can hurt your brand perception and passenger service, not to mention increased costs due to inefficiencies. 

With these three essential components we have you covered:

1 Our Recovery Manager, monitors and manages the entire disruption process from end-to-end, all from one smart browser-based app.
2 Our Notification Engine, is the hub for all communications with your passengers from the day of booking and any disruption event, or flight status update
3 Our Self-Service Disruption Portal puts passengers in control of their rebooking and other travel arrangements through a customer-facing online portal.
Boost customer satisfaction with an integrated disruption management solution that optimizes every disruption event in real-time

Improved communications with your passengers

Our Notification Engine provides relevant real-time information and options to your passengers, helping reduce negative brand impact during a disruption event.

Increased IROPS efficiency

Reduce the time and resources needed to process a disruption event. The Max Recovery suite allows you to automates the rebooking of passengers' flights and accommodation.

Lower disruption costs

Our flexible policy engine allows you to maximize customer satisfaction while maintaining cost integrity with real-time data on every passenger and flight.

Increased customer satisfaction

Your passengers are happier and have a better experience during a delay when they have more flexibility, spend less time in line, and get more information.

MAX Crew

Create the paperless cabin, improve cabin crew productivity and service and increase in-flight retail transactions with our integrated POS

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MAX Airport

Break away from the counter and mobilise your staff with our feature-rich mobile DCS

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MAX Ramp

Improve turnaround efficiency and digitize your ramp operation with a mobile baggage scanning plus provide the real time flight and operational information your ramp needs.

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Every aplication has acces to our powerful inteligence that delivers real time data across your entire operation.

Smarter decisions with powerful operation inteligence.

Are you prepared to turn your disruption events into positive customer service opportunities?

Manage disruption events more effectively, while increasing customer satisfaction.