Tigerair Australia announces new product enhancements to further improve the customer experience

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Tigerair Australia announced the introduction of two new customer facing innovations that will further enhance the customer experience, both at the terminal and through the online booking process.
Max Airport by Levarti is a new iPad based app that will transform the way the airline interacts with customers at the airport. Max Airport was launched at Melbourne Airport and provides check-in staff with industry leading new technology that will enable them to move out from behind the desk and engage with customers from anywhere in and around the terminal.
A new and more modern internet booking engine will go live this month to make booking travel with Tigerair more convenient and seamless than ever before.
Tigerair Australia Commercial Director, Adam Rowe, said that the Tigerair brand is all about value, choice and innovation and that the product enhancements announced are all part of the airline’s continued focus on improving the customer experience.

Max Airport will essentially mobilise ground staff to check-in passengers and print boarding passes on the spot, assist customers to change flights or purchase optional add on items such as extra luggage or extra leg room seating.
It’s an exciting innovation to be rolled out across all ports that Tigerair flies to over coming weeks.
Following the initial deployment in terminals around Australia, Tigerair will progressively implement the new Max Airport technology to enhance other parts of the operation, such as disruption management, in due course.
We’re really excited about this new (Max) technology that fits with our low cost model. We’re confident it will streamline the check in and boarding process, improve the customer experience and enhance our on time performance at the same time,” said Mr Rowe.
Over recent times Tigerair has expanded the product offering considerably, far beyond simply offering affordable fares, with a range of product innovations that offer greater convenience, value and choice for customers. These include web check, self-serve check in kiosks and automated bag drop facilities in key ports, queue jump priority boarding, Express Fares and a new inflight menu.
Recently we launched Cabin+ which is an industry first, that allows our customers to choose if they wish to take up to 12kg of carry-on luggage on board. Tigerair now provides more luggage options than any other major domestic carrier.
Theodore Koumelis